Membership Application and Fees (New as of 2020)

Shofukan Kendo Dojo is an affiliated sister of Gedatsu Kendo Dojo under the Southern California Kendo Federation and All United States Kendo Federation. To join us as a member, the following 3-part requirements for payments applies: (Forms are available on bottom of this page for download).

  • Annual Federation Dues
  • Dojo Dues
  • Facility Use Fee/Tuition

Part 1. Federation Dues.

SCKF and AUSKF Dues are collected by Shofukan Kendo Dojo, but are paid to SCKF and AUSKF. This fee is required for insurance coverage. Additionally, federation membership is also required whenever participating in rank testing and competitions.

17 and under
18 years and over and full-time student
18 and over and not full-time student

AUSKF New Member Registration
$10 One Time Fee (New Members Only)

(Federation membership period runs from 1st of April on the current year until the end of March the following year. Fees are not pro-rated).

Part 2. Dojo Dues.

Shofukan Members. Membership period runs concurrent with SCKF and AUSKF from 1st of April until the end of March the following year. Dojo dues are not pro-rated.

All ages
$25 per year

Part 3. Facilities use fee/Tuition

Both Shofukan Members as well as Non Shofukan Members (AUSKF) who visit on a regular basis.

Facility Use Fee/Tuition
Quarterly Pass
Annual Pass (Best Value)
$280 (Only $2.80 Per Hour)

If starting practice mid-quarter or mid-year, Facility Use Fee and Tuition will be pro-rated.

Sign-Up Forms:

If you would like to join, print and complete the following forms and submit (by mail or in-person), along with your payment prior to your first day of practice. Forms are available for download here (PDF):

FULL REGISTRATION PACKET (Contains AUSKF waiver, dojo waiver, payment form, membership agreement, dojo rules, beginner information).

If you only need the individual forms and not entire packets, they are available for download here:

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