Shofukan Calendar of Events
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2019 - 2020 Calendar of Upcoming Events
December 2019
12/14 Year end potluck party /award ceremony 8:30 am (No kendo at JCC)
12/21 Shiai/Shinpan practice
12/28 Year End Godo Keiko at JCC
January 2020
1/5 Memorial for John K Yamamoto Sensei 9:30 am (Sunday). Followed by Lunch.
  1/12 Seaworld Lunar New Year Kendo Demo 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm (Sunday)
1/19 SCKF Kubota Memorial Tournament
  1/25 Chinese New Year Fair Kendo Demo at Balboa Park 12:00 Noon (Saturday)
1/30 Shiai/Shinpan practice
2/8 Kata and picnic at the park (after 10:30am)
2/22 Shofukan Internal Promotion for Youth Group
2/22 Kata and picnic at the park (after 10:30am)
2/23 SCKF Shinpan Seminar
  2/29 Shiai/Shinpan practice
3/7 Kata and picnic at the park (after 10:30am)
3/14 Game Day / Quarterly Birthday Celebration
  3/15 North-South Kendo Tournament
3/21 Kata and picnic at the park (after 10:30am)
3/28 Shiai/Shinpan practice
  4/4 Kata and picnic at the park (after 10:30am)
4/18 SCKF Spring Shinsa (Dojo field day, no JCC Practice)
4/25 Shiai/Shinpan practice
  5/3 Nisei Week Kendo Tournament
  5/30 Shiai/Shinpan practice
*Scheduled events subject to change. Additional events not listed will be announced via Facebook.

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