Beginners and Youth Program

Adult Beginners

Adult Beginners will need to sign up for membership before practice. We recommed attending one of our practice session to observe before signing up, to gain an understanding of what our practice is like before committing to join.

All beginners may sign up for membership at the dojo anytime. Sign-up forms and fees are available under the Membership Page.

Youth Program

Our youth program is for children between the age of 7 and 14. We provide a dedicated and separate kendo instructional program to the younger members of our dojo so that content of instruction is more age appropriate.


To create an environment where children can:

  • Develop positive attitudes, habits such as:
    • Respectfulness to one-another (including fellow students, parents) and their own needs.
    • Perseverance, discipline, resilience.
    • Confidence in their ability to learn and master new soft and hard skills (which can be generalized to help with their life outside of kendo, too, e.g. school, friendships)
  • Make friends.
  • Learn kendo and kendo-related skills in a fun, encouraging, engaging and safe manner.

Instruction for the dedicated youth program will take place the first half of each practice, followed by drills with our approved instructors and assistants during the Open Practice on the second hour.

Memebers of our youth program may be advanced to the adult practice at any age once their ability has reached competency as deemed by the head sensei. Sign-up requirements are the same as our regular adult members. Sign-up forms and fees are available under the Membership Page.



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